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“This project will serve as a model for future projects
throughout the state, demonstrating how we can save time and
money, minimize impacts to the environment and enhance a community.”

- Gene Conti, NCDOT Secretary of Transportation


San Francisco International Airport Viaduct Retrofit

San Francisco International Airport Viaduct Retrofit - San Francisco, CA

Flatiron seismically retrofitted 50 columns along the San Francisco International Airport's upper terminal viaduct. To reinforce the viaduct footings, Flatiron placed 1,200 cubic yards of concrete and 190 micro piles. Due to the limited overhead clearance in the terminal…

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I-35W (St. Anthony Falls) Bridge

I-35W (St. Anthony Falls) Bridge - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Following the tragic collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis in August of 2007, Flatiron formed a joint venture team to design and build the replacement bridge for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. After receiving the highest score on the proposal and subsequently…

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Highways & Interchanges
I-680 Wetlands Mitigation

I-680 Wetlands Mitigation - Benicia, CA

This project included creating a new drainage channel, retention pond, and associated wetlands to replace those lost during the construction of the State's Benicia-Martinez Bridge. Flatiron delivered this project to the California Department of Transportation a full three…

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Interstate 5 Panel Replacement

Interstate 5 Panel Replacement - San Diego, CA

This interstate improvement project involved the rehabilitation of an 8.5-mile portion of Interstate 5. Flatiron rehabilitated approximately 70 lane miles of Interstate 5 through San Diego County in part by replacing damaged Portland Cement Concrete panels. Flatiron removed and replaced…

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Oil, Gas & Industrial Infrastructure
MacKay River Bridge

MacKay River Bridge - Northwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta

Flatiron executed several projects in the Athabasca Oil Sands region in northern Alberta, including the construction of a 56-meter-long bridge across the MacKay River. The cast-in-place concrete deck for the single-span bridge was installed over steel girders on drilled shaft…

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Public-Private Partnerships
Northwest Anthony Henday Drive (North Edmonton Ring Road)

Northwest Anthony Henday Drive (North Edmonton Ring Road) - Edmonton, Alberta

Flatiron managed the team that designed and constructed the northwest portion of a new ring road around the city of Edmonton, Alberta. The North Edmonton Ring Road, also called Northwest Anthony Henday Drive, is a new 21-kilometer (13-mile) section of highway with two…

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Sprinter Mainline

Sprinter Mainline - Oceanside to Escondido, CA

Flatiron built the new 22-mile Sprinter passenger rail in Oceanside, Calif. The passenger train has 15 stations and runs east/west along the Highway 78 corridor between Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido. Flatiron converted an existing freight line to commuter…

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Lenihan Dam Outlet Modifications

Lenihan Dam Outlet Modifications - Los Gatos, CA

At the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Flatiron replaced the deteriorating outlet structure for the 50-year-old Lenihan Dam - a 1,000-foot-long earthen barrier holding water stored at the Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos, Calif. The project was a seismic upgrade for…

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Genesee Dam and Reservoir

Genesee Dam and Reservoir - Kittredge, CO

The Genesee Dam No. 2 is a roller compacted concrete dam comprised of 34,500 cubic yards of concrete and standing 102 feet tall. The project included an outlet structure, blasting quarry and an RCC processing plant.The RCC did not require the testing of slumps and breaks,…

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