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Creating a Culture of Safety

The safety of our employees, clients, subcontractors and the public is our number one core value at Flatiron. We empower every employee with the responsibility of maintaining safe worksites. Our mandatory safety training is vigorous and leads to measurable results.


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Flatiron has an award-winning, nationally recognized safety program. The Associated General Contractors of America has recognized Flatiron numerous times with their top safety excellence awards, deeming our programs among the best in the nation. In 2012, Flatiron earned the First Place AGC Safety Excellence Award from the AGC of America in the Highway Division, Over One Million Man-Hours category.

Safety Programs
Flatiron establishes measurable goals for safety programs and safety training each year. Some of the more recent safety initiatives included in Flatiron's overall Safety Plan include:

  • All-company safety stand-downs to increase safety awareness
  • Foremen training programs, including Leadership for Safety Excellence 
  • White board displays publicizing five highest safety risks for each project
  • A Stretch & Flex program
  • A "Don't Walk By" program that gives all employees the authority to stop any unsafe procedures and encourages them to take responsibility for keeping each other safe
  • Glove use policy
  • Summer Safety/Awareness Program

When it comes to safety, Flatiron emphasizes communication, responsibility, accountability, safety procedures, and training and education. Additionally, Flatiron continually strives to improve the quality of existing safety programs, like job hazard analyses, documentation of risk assessments, and subcontractor safety orientation and control.

Executive Safety Committee
Flatiron has also created an Executive Safety Committee as part of an overall injury reduction plan. The purpose of this committee is to promote and improve company safety culture from the top down and to be in compliance with all OSHA and CalOSHA regulations, as well as the Canadian Safety orders, ultimately ensuring the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and others on our projects. This committee reviews new programs or policies that affect the safety culture of Flatiron and tracks the safety activities of managers to ensure they are meeting their Safety Guide goals.

Measuring Effectiveness
A safety program is only as good as its results. That's why Flatiron measures the results of each initiative and adjusts our programs accordingly, through internal analysis as well as external evaluations.

Recognition & Awards
Flatiron has been recognized throughout the construction industry for our safety achievements, and was recently recognized by the Associated General Contractors of America as having the best safety program in the country. Over the past decade, Flatiron has received numerous safety awards and continues to be recognized as one of the safest contractors in the country.

Flatiron also promotes safety internally by recognizing people and project teams that have achieved zero recordable or lost-time incidents. Flatiron's Stan Washkevich Award is presented annually to the individuals who have done the most to provide a safe environment in which to work, and safety is always highlighted in our quarterly newsletter, Structurally Speaking.

Safety Trained Supervisors (STS)
Flatiron is a Diamond Class sponsor of the Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) certification from the Council on Certification of Health, Environmental and Safety Technologists (CCHEST). Flatiron is committed to safety training and has been recognized by the CCHEST for being one of a handful of companies with the most STS Certified supervisors.

According to the CCHEST, the STS certification provides a means for employers to verify safety and health knowledge of first-line supervisors and managers. The program requires applicants to meet minimum education and experience requirements and demonstrate knowledge of basic safety and health standards and practices. CCHEST has operated the STS program since 1992, beginning with the STS-Construction examination. CCHEST has expanded the STS certification with the STS-General Industry and STS-Petrochemical examinations. Future expansion includes an STS-Mining examination.