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Steinhauer Bridge

Cost:C$51 million
Client:Government of Alberta Ministry of Transportation
Location:Fort McMurray, Alberta
Markets:Oil Sands, Bridges

Flatiron is rehabilitating the Steinhauer Bridge over the Athabasca River in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Flatiron is demolishing the bridge superstructure-the deck, girders and bearings-and retrofitting the bridge's pier caps. Bridge capacity will be increased from two to three lanes.

The Steinhauer Bridge carries northbound traffic over the Athabasca River and is parallel to the Athabasca River Bridge, another Flatiron project completed in 2011. Flatiron is detouring traffic onto the new Athabasca River Bridge during construction on the Steinhauer Bridge.

Flatiron is also building the second half of the nearby Franklin Avenue Bridge over the river. The first half of the bridge was build under the Athabasca River Bridge contract.