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Carquinez Suspension Bridge

Cost:$231 million
Client:California Department of Transportation
Location:Crockett, CA

The new Carquinez Suspension Bridge carries traffic westbound on I-80 over the Carquinez Straights just north of San Francisco. This new three-span 3,465-foot-long structure is North America's first suspension bridge of its kind to be built in 35 years. At bid time, it was the largest project ever awarded by the California Department of Transportation.

Each 407-foot-tall tower is supported by twelve three-meter-diameter and 90-meter-long rock-socketed drilled shaft piles. Reinforced concrete pile caps transfer vertical and lateral loads between the piles and the towers.

The suspended superstructure utilizes a steel orthotropic deck section 1,056 meters in length. The 24 deck sections were transported on three ocean-going vessels from Japan and jacked into place directly from the ship using the bridge's main suspension cables. The bridge is designed to withstand both major wind and seismic disturbances.