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Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse

Cost:$100 Million
Client:BC Hydro
Location:Ruskin, British Columbia

The Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse, located 60 kilometers east of Vancouver on the Stave River, has provided power to British Columbia since the 1930s. BC Hydro is commissioning a series of contracts to upgrade the dam, powerhouse, and associated structures - work that began in 2012 and will continue through 2017.

BC Hydro awarded Contract A to a joint venture team led by Flatiron. Work for this contract includes seismically upgrading the dam and the powerhouse by constructing new piers, installing new spillway gates, constructing a two-lane bridge and powerhouse superstructure upgrade, and installing a new powerhouse crane and elevator.

The project requires close coordination with the plant operators - the existing facility must remain online and active during construction. Additionally, the area is used for recreation and is surrounded by environmentally sensitive lands. Flatiron will follow a comprehensive environmental management plan to ensure environmental protection.

Upon completion of the upgrades, the facility will be able to withstand a 10,000-year earthquake. The upgraded facility will provide power to 33,000 homes.