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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships (PPPs), the construction and upgrading of public-sector infrastructure facilities on the basis of private-enterprise financing, has developed in the past few years into a genuine procurement alternative for public authorities in North America. It is a fact that, without the PPP model, many projects would not put out to tender because they could not be financed with public funds. PPP makes it possible to tackle such projects with the help of private capital. Public-private partnerships thus represent a way of overcoming the investment backlog in the public sector. They offer the opportunity of initiating a process of consolidation and modernization in the field of public administration which in the long run eases the strain on public sector budgets.

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Flatiron's PPP Brochure

Flatiron: Bridge and Highway Builder Broadens its B.C. Base

Calgary Ring Road (Northeast Stoney Trail)

Calgary Ring Road (Northeast Stoney Trail) - Calgary, AB (Canada)

The northeast portion of the Calgary Ring Road, also called Northeast Stoney Trail (NEST), was procured as a Public Private Partnership (P3). The Province of Alberta chose Bilfinger Berger BOT to develop the project, and Bilfinger selected Stoney Trail Constructors,…


Kicking Horse Pass

Kicking Horse Pass - Golden, BC (Canada)

Kicking Horse Pass is a portion of the scenic Trans-Canada Highway that runs between Golden and the Yoho National Park's western border in British Columbia. Flatiron reconstructed approximately three miles of a new four-lane highway and constructed a new Park Bridge over the steep…


Northeast Anthony Henday Drive

Northeast Anthony Henday Drive - Edmonton, Alberta

Sections of the Edmonton Ring Road were built in the 1970s and the 1990s and the current Anthony Henday Drive project began in 2000 with the construction of the southwest section. After completing the northwest section in 2011, Flatiron won the contract for the northeast leg of…


Northwest Anthony Henday Drive (North Edmonton Ring Road)

Northwest Anthony Henday Drive (North Edmonton Ring Road) - Edmonton, Alberta

Flatiron managed the team that designed and constructed the northwest portion of a new ring road around the city of Edmonton, Alberta. The North Edmonton Ring Road, also called Northwest Anthony Henday Drive, is a new 21-kilometer (13-mile) section of highway with two…


Presidio Parkway

Presidio Parkway - San Francisco, CA

Presidio Parkway is the first public-private partnership transportation project delivered in the state under the recently enacted PPP statute. The project is a collaborative effort by the California Department of Transportation, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority,…