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NC Transportation Secretary Visits Flatiron’s Greensboro Eastern Loop Project with Message of Worker Safety

Photo by: H. Scott Hoffmann/News & Record | N.C. Secretary of Transportation Nick Tennyson and Brian Turmail address the media at a bridge construction site at Hicone Road and U.S. 29 in Greensboro on Tuesday.

Nick Tennyson, North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary, visited the Greensboro Eastern Loop project with the message of worker safety during a work zone safety press conference, sponsored by AGC, on May 24.

In 2015, the state saw 4,315 work-zone crashes, and 2,475 people injured in those accidents. More than half were caused by excessive speed.

“Drivers need to take responsibility for themselves and the people that are traveling with them,” Tennyson told a group of media gathered at the construction site.

Flatiron’s Dan Lieberman, Southeast Division operations manager, added, “We want to send our crews home to their families safely every day.”

In May, project crews across the company refreshed their safety know-how during Safety Week, May 2 through May 6. Every day, teams engaged in conversations about a variety of safety topics at each of Flatiron’s active job sites. Topics included fall protection, distracted driving, access and egress areas on construction sites, a review of the “house rules” and a review of basic safety issues.

“The safety of our crews and the traveling public is our No. 1 commitment on every project,” Mike Ruiz, district safety manager for the Central Division, said. “Holding our standup meetings during Safety Week refreshed our dedication and reminded us how everyone on a project can ensure a safe work zone.”


Test Your Safety Knowledge

How solid is your safety knowledge? Find out by answering these “Back to Safety Basics – Orientation II” questions provided by Gade Mobley, district safety manager for the Western Division:

1 – Prior to using a toxic or hazardous substance what training should every employee be given?

2 – Why are there warning labels on certain chemicals and materials?

3 – What is the purpose of Lockout/Tagout?

4 – What is the #1 hazard for working with a crane?

5 – What does “never saddle a dead horse” mean?

6 – What are some items to know before starting a trench and/or excavation task?


1 – How to use properly; Necessary precautions; and Proper PPE for protection.

2 – To alert you that it may be hazardous; and required by law to have the label

3 – To prevent employees from contact with hazardous energy during work or maintenance

4 – Powerlines!

5 – When using wire rope clips there are four pieces, the U-bolt, the saddle, and two nuts. The U-bolt is always placed on the dead end of the rope.

6 – 811 dig alert; Pothole policy; Soil classification; Competent person; Types of protection (shield, shore, slope); Access/egress (how do we get in and out); Pre-checklist; and Daily checklist

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