Project Details

Primary contractor
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
$7.7 million
December 2005
Start Date
July 2007
Completion Date

Building San Diego International Airport-Taxiway and Gate Rehabilitation

The San Diego Airport bid-build project included rehabilitating the concrete and joints for taxiways and gates. As well as, cleaning and resealing the concrete joints using polyester concrete to patch and repair all major concrete spalls on panels. Flatiron also replaced all damaged concrete panels.

In order to adhere to the strict time constraints required by the airport, Flatiron batched rapid strength concrete (RSC) in volumetric mixers, mixers that batch concrete “on-demand,” and returned the gates and taxiways to the airport for use at the end of each work shift.

Batching and placing RSC requires not only the ability to achieve required production rates, but also the ability to control quality. Contractors that batch and place RSC must understand the chemistry of and be able to tightly control the mix design to ensure the concrete reaches and maintain its structural integrity. Flatiron’s experience and know-how enabled the company to develop and modify mix designs for climate variables, like humidity and temperature, the size of project, the type of repair that is required, and other aspects that could have an effect on the RSC.

800,000 linear feet of concrete joint repairs

3,500 square feet of polyester concrete spall repairs

11,700 square feet of full panel replacement

Rapid strength concrete used for panel replacements