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“As prime contractor, your team is to be commended for putting this
group together, organizing their work with efficiency, and making sure it 
 was completed not only safely and effectively, but with attention to quality.”

 - Joseph Elsen, Program Engineer, CDOT Region 3

Our Clients Include:

Army Corps. of Engineers
Cities & Counties
Energy Companies
Energy Suppliers
Federal Government
Financing Authorities
Hydroelectric Companies
Private Businesses
Private Land Developers
Program Managers
Port Authorities
Power Authorities
Public Utilities Commissions
Public & Private Universities
State DOTs
Transit Authorities
U.S. Navy
Water Districts


Flatiron has worked for a wide range of clients for more than six decades. We have a strong management team and proven procedures that have enabled us to safely deliver projects on time and on budget. Flatiron has created and refined the processes essential to successful project delivery.

Our experience in the following areas provides distinct advantages for our clients and our partners:

  • Flatiron's in-house engineers work closely with clients and field teams to create safe, cost-effective solutions with minimal environmental impact.
  • Flatiron self-performs the majority of field work, giving us optimal control over costs, safety, quality, and schedule.
  • Flatiron's reputation and proven ability enables us to partner with the best of the best, providing clients with the best team for any job.
  • Flatiron's extensive experience and global resources make us the best choice for your next project.

Project Delivery Options
Flatiron uses a variety of procurement methods to deliver projects. Our team is adept and recognized in the industry for procuring public-private partnerships, as well as design-build and bid-build projects, working with a lump sum or unit price basis.

Commitment to Partnering
At Flatiron, we partner with clients and other stakeholders to develop the kind of close, mutually beneficial working relationships that lead to shared success. In recent years, Flatiron has been recognized by the AGC of California and the AGC of America with partnering awards on various projects.

When the size or complexity of a project requires a joint venture, Flatiron teams with other industry leaders whose capabilities supplement our own. Forming a successful joint venture and choosing the right team is a skill that Flatiron has developed over decades.

The best way to control a project's safety, cost, schedule, and quality is to perform as much of the work as possible with your own forces. At Flatiron, our broad range of abilities allows us not only to build most of our work with our own team of craft labor, foremen, engineers, and superintendents, but also to self-perform critical tasks for cost and quality control, as well as to improve safety. This philosophy allows us to properly assess risk and consistently deliver on even the most technically difficult and complex infrastructure projects.

Focus on Safety
Safety is Flatiron's top priority, and our Safety Program is encouraged at all levels. We recognize the importance of safety and promote strong leadership and active participation by the management. Flatiron's executive management team visits the job sites and meets with division managers to discuss safety. This chance for one-on-one interaction allows division managers to speak openly about any safety concerns they may have, ensuring rapid improvement of any less-than-ideal situations.