Flatiron has an award-winning, nationally recognized safety program.

The Associated General Contractors of America has recognized Flatiron numerous times with their top safety excellence awards, deeming our programs among the best in the nation.

Flatiron’s safety policies are designed to provide safe working conditions for all of our employees, subcontractors, owners and the general public.

Our Approach

When it comes to safety, Flatiron emphasizes communication, responsibility, accountability, safety procedures, and training and education. We empower every employee with the responsibility of maintaining safe worksites. Additionally, Flatiron continually strives to improve the quality of existing safety programs, like job hazard analyses, documentation of risk assessments, and subcontractor safety orientation and control.

Our Results

Our robust safety programs lead to measurable results. We consistently maintain incident rates well below the industry average. Our worker’s compensation rate is also below industry average, and the cost savings per man-hour is passed on to clients.

Signature Safety Programs
Flatiron establishes measurable goals for safety programs
and safety training each year.

Safety Stand Downs

Bi-annual all-company safety stand-downs across Flatiron to conduct safety training

Safety Week

Flatiron led and participated in an industry-wide safety initiative to raise safety awareness

Safety Trained Supervisor Certification

Flatiron requires every employee in a leadership position to be STS certified. STS certification signifies an individual has successfully passed an exam that demonstrates their understanding and application of safety fundamentals for construction.

Stretch & Flex

A program to help avoid on-the-job injuries through a series of stretching exercises performed prior to starting work

Don’t Walk By

A program that gives all employees the authority to stop any unsafe procedures and encourages them to take responsibility for keeping each other safe

Glove Use

A mandatory protective glove policy applies to any person on a Flatiron work site and was implemented in response to safety incidents involving hand and wrist injuries.

Safety News