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Flatiron Recognizes Construction Safety Week 2024

Safety is a fundamental core value at Flatiron and E.E. Cruz that is interwoven in the values of People, Accountability, Innovation and Excellence. The construction industry has come a long way from being a rules-based safety program to motivating employees to want to act safely. 

This year, we marked Construction Safety Week on project sites with special guests, topic-targeted videos, toolbox talks, shirts, hard hat stickers, banners — and vendor/supplier participation to highlight topics like helmets and fall protection. 

We are S.A.F.E.R. together.  We are: 

  • Stronger together. 
  • Action takers; we don’t walk by.    
  • Followers of the Safety fundamentals. 
  • Empowered to make a difference. 
  • Recognizing you and your commitment to Safety. 

Every employee at Flatiron and E.E. Cruz is empowered, responsible and obligated to strive for an injury-free workplace.  

With our safety program, we emphasize communication, responsibility, accountability, safety procedures, training and education. Our dedicated team and leaders help our employees feel empowered to take initiative because we’re all responsible for maintaining a safe worksite. Getting our employees back home safely is our top priority.   

Are you looking to join a team that’s committed to safety and values every voice? Start your Flatiron journey today. 


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