Hard Work Meets Great Preparation: The Runway 17R-35L Project Wraps Up

Justin DuMond was there at the beginning, at the end, and for all the fine details in-between. The project manager put together the estimate for the $26…

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Veterans Day: The Special Connection Between Flatiron Safety and the Military

Don’t talk to Greg Plotnik about pressure. He was a nuclear missile test technician during the height of the Cold War. In a comment that likely won’t…

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First Class 3 Safety Vest for Women Meets Important Need

It was a routine inspection, but one that could have turned tragic. A few years before joining Flatiron, Field Environmental Coordinator Ashley Borgard was climbing down a…

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Essential Since 1947: The Taxiway WB Rehabilitation Project at Bush Intercontinental Airport

Jeroen Dijkema is used to those long days. “We start with our 6:30 a.m. meetings, to discuss the previous night work’s progress, and the plan for the…

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