Flatiron in Focus: A Love for Volunteering

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking in a relaxing hike with some fresh air. But did you know exploring areas outside designated trails can cause severe damage…

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Final Structural Steel for LAX Automated People Mover Project Installed Near Iconic Theme Building

Flatiron is proud to be part of the team building the Automated People Mover at Los Angeles International Airport. Another important step in this transformative project has been achieved.…

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The Winston-Salem Northern Beltway Officially Opens to Traffic

Celebration is in order in the community of Winston-Salem as the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway officially opened to traffic on November 7, 2022.  The Flatiron-Blythe Development joint-venture team…

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Flatiron Starts Building the New Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge in Seattle, Washington

Flatiron is partnering with the City of Seattle’s Waterfront Program and the Washington State Department of Transportation to construct the new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge that is…

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