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Flatiron Engineers Teach Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley

Flatiron’s Construction Engineering Group is guest teaching at University of California Berkeley this spring 2022 semester.

By collaborating with Jeff Lessman, the teaching fellow of Civil Engineering 190: Special Topics in Heavy Civil Construction, Jamie Dodd, Construction Engineering Manager, leads the classes by covering various topics including Formwork, Falsework and Introduction to Crane Lifts.

Each week, Jamie brings different engineers from Flatiron’s Construction Engineering Group in the Northwest Division to provide various real-world project perspectives. The Flatiron guest teachers include Edmundo Salgado, Nick Marchini and Jacob Kern.

“This is a great opportunity to encourage and support the entry of promising students into heavy engineering construction,” said Jamie Dodd. “We’re glad to contribute to educating the next generation of talent for the construction industry.”

The class is sponsored by The Beavers, a nonprofit organization that assists students entering the heavy construction industry. The organization was formed, organized and managed by the construction companies and individuals who are or have engaged in heavy engineering construction.


Flatiron's Edmundo Salgado teaching at UC Berkeley
Edmundo Salgado presenting on Formwork.
Flatiron's Jacob Kern teaching at UC Berkeley
Jacob Kern leading the discussion during the Introduction to Crane Lifts lecture.
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