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Flatiron Takes Flight with Field Engineer Andrew Walker

“This is probably the same way that some of this new survey equipment was 20-30 years ago. It looked like a fancy computer or fancy toy, but really, it has become standard practice.”

At Flatiron, innovation is at the forefront of our work. Take flight with Andrew Walker, a Field Engineer at North Carolina’s I-95 Harnett County Project, as he shares his drone knowledge and expertise – playing a key role in the implementation of this valuable technology on Flatiron’s projects.

Andrew’s passion for drones didn’t start at Flatiron. In fact, he gained most of his drone knowledge by flying his personal drone. After realizing the potential benefits of drone use at jobsites, Andrew began introducing Flatiron teams to drone work.

Now, Flatiron flies drones in house across all five divisions for purposes like surveying, site photography, reality capture and data collection.

Documentation of site conditions, monitoring job progress and risk reduction are among the multitude of benefits drone photography provides.

Since his first Flatiron drone flight in 2021, Andrew has implemented drone use at numerous projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic division.

In addition to his leadership in the Mid-Atlantic, Andrew also has created valuable assets for the entire company including tutorial videos on drone use and benefits.

Flatiron field engineer captures drone footage of a Flatiron project
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