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Engineers Week: Creating the Future Through a Diverse Workforce

Flatiron is marking Engineers Week, which for decades has been an occasion to celebrate all the contributions engineers make. This year’s theme is “Creating the Future,” and we are taking the occasion to spotlight how our team is creating solutions and mentoring the next generation of engineers.

Jolie Liu Dorgan is a Project Engineer at Flatiron and also a mother who immigrated to Canada from China as an adult. In this excerpt Jolie shares her about her experiences and what she hopes to pass on to her daughters and others interested in a STEM career. Flatiron is proud to recognize members of our diverse workforce as they inspire future generations.

The most attractive aspect of becoming an engineer is the process of overcoming challenges and solving problems. It is a dynamic discipline. We provide solutions to better build tomorrow’s sustainable infrastructure projects. I absolutely love it! It brings me so much joy during my working days. It is challenging yet provides you with endless learning opportunities.   

Moving to Canada in my adult years, like many immigrants, the struggle was real. After a lot of hard work and perseverance, I had an opportunity to be part of the construction team for Site C dam project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada. It was fascinating to see every moving part of the construction activities and then to connect pieces together for this mega project.  Working with some of the brilliant minds in the construction industry for the last few years stretched my views in ways I never thought was possible.

There have been many challenges being a female in a male-dominated industry, but that is the fun part of it.  Women and minorities are no less capable of bringing value and a wealth of creativity and innovation to the field. As a mother of three young girls, I want my daughters to see possibilities and changes that we can make not only in engineering but also the other STEM fields if we set our minds to it. I also want them to know their mum is helping close the gender gap. Engineering is a dynamic discipline.  Being an engineer is not just a job, but a career. It is not just a destination, but a journey toward success, accomplishments and growth. And that is what I thrive on and want my girls to see and learn.

Jolie Liu Dorgan is a Flatiron Project Engineer and shares her experience during Engineers Week

Jolie Liu Dorgan, Project Engineer at Flatiron

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