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Replacement of Bronx River Parkway Bridges at Crane Road

E.E. Cruz is in the final stage of construction for the $40 million replacement of the Bronx River Parkway bridges at Crane Road. The project involves construction of two bridges, re-profiling and realignment of the approaches, new pavement, drainage structures, striping, guiderail, lighting, and restoration of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation.

The original Bronx River Parkwaybridge was completed in 1925 making the Bronx River Parkway the first modern, multi-lane, limited access parkway in North America. The current bridge has deteriorated extensively requiring costly repairs and has outlasted its useful life.

E.E. Cruz has constructed the 371 foot-long concrete encased steel “mushroom” bridge over the Bronx River and the first phase of the 93 foot-long precast concrete box beam bridge over the Metro-North Railroad. Traffic has been switched over onto the new bridge. Demolition of the existing Bronx River and Metro-North Railroad bridges commenced in October. After demolition, construction of the remaining portion of the railroad bridge and abutments will be completed.

Substantial completion is slated for July 2015.

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