Building a Sustainable Tomorrow: Flatiron Recognizes America Recycles Day

In recognition of America Recycles Day, take a look at how we’re exceeding our sustainability goals for re-using/recycling building materials and waste. We pledge to send no waste to landfills by the end of 2045.
North Coast Corridor
The North Coast Corridor Program involves numerous rail and highway improvements stretching between the cities of La Jolla and Oceanside. San Elijo Lagoon is home to numerous endangered species, is a wildlife and recreation area and is one of the largest coastal wetlands in San Diego County.
  • 100% of demolished concrete is recycled into aggregate and used on-site. That’s more than 70,300 tons each year!
  • More than 12.5 tons of steel recycled locally instead of going to a landfill – keeping the area greener and stimulating the local economy.
  • 154 acres of restored wetlands in the San Elijo Lagoon and 400,000+ cubic yard of sand added back to local beaches
North Carolina Highway 540 A/B
This expansive project is a continuation of NCDOT’s first toll road. Our environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices include a dedicated asphalt sub with on-site batch plant.
  • 15,000 tons of asphalt recycled – from the site and from the community. That’s enough to cover 10 football fields with an inch-thick layer of asphalt. All demolished asphalt is ground up and made into new roadway. Additionally, local roofing contractors bring us old asphalt shingles.
  • Our on-site asphalt batch plant means our trucks drive shorter distances to get the work done. We’ve cut almost 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel and the associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 100% of demolished concrete is re-used instead of trashed. It also saves on transportation costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Dallas Love Field Airport
In 2022, we finished the reconstruction of Dallas Love Field’s longest runway at 8,800 feet. Much of the old runway was able to be recycled into the new structure.
  • 100% of demolished materials recycled.
  • Approximately 160,000 tons of the base course were recycled.
  • 85% of the earthwork was utilized on site which reduced hauling efforts and associated costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Airport Business’ 2023 Project of the Year.
Terminal 1 – San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
This project will deliver a safe, forward-thinking design to be enjoyed by the travelling public for generations to come. Besides the terminal itself, a new three-lane access road will take thousands of vehicles off nearby thoroughfares.
  • Demolished concrete will be recycled as infill aggregate. Currently 55,500 tons of concrete crushed for recycling to date.
  • Retaining walls and bridges designed to last 75 years (versus a standard of 50 years).
  • The concrete and encased reinforcement used are 100% recyclable.
  • Reuse of materials in formwork and support.
  • Construction debris recycled.
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