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Engineers Week: Investing in Our People as We Create the Future

Flatiron is marking Engineers Week, which for decades has been an occasion to celebrate all the contributions engineers make. This year’s theme is “Creating the Future,” and we are taking the occasion to spotlight how our team is creating solutions and mentoring the next generation of engineers.

Flatiron’s Engineer Forum brings together field and project engineers from around the company to learn the Flatiron way and explore growth opportunities. The Engineer Forum is a three-day event that aims to educate and engage our engineers from all over the company.

These forums provide educational opportunities for both Flatiron engineers and leadership through interactive discussions and active participation. Participants are encouraged to engage and share their experiences and career goals. At Flatiron, we take the time to listen and value what our engineers bring to the team. We truly want to help our employees evolve and develop long, rewarding careers at Flatiron.

Learn more about Flatiron’s career opportunities by visiting our Careers Page.

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