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Flatiron in Focus: Zac Liskay, Project Manager and Proud Marine

“The biggest thing that veterans bring is the ‘can-do’ and the ‘get-it-done’ attitude.”

Being a project manager requires focus and an ability to think on your feet. Performing under pressure is nothing new for Zac Liskay, currently assigned to Flatiron’s Denver International Airport A East Ground Load Facility Project. Flatiron values the diversity of experience and thought that a well-rounded team brings to each project.

As a United States Marine, Liskay served his country for several years. In 2019 he was called back to active duty to serve as an advisor for Georgian and Polish troops heading to Afghanistan. Eventually, he went to the war-torn nation where he helped to provide security around Bagram Airfield during the military drawdown.

Liskay continues to make Flatiron proud by serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He is the Battery Commander of Battery M, 3d Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment, based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In this video, Liskay talks about life as a veteran at Flatiron and his future goals.

Flatiron is grateful to all veterans who served their country.

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