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Flatiron Starts Building the New Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge in Seattle, Washington

Flatiron is partnering with the City of Seattle’s Waterfront Program and the Washington State Department of Transportation to construct the new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge that is expected to connect millions of users to Seattle’s waterfront annually. 

Valued at $6.3 million, the project will construct a new cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete bridge to replace the temporary pedestrian bridge. The new bridge will provide a 16-foot-wide pathway, instead of the original 13-feet, providing a direct connection between First Avenue and Colman Dock on Marion Street.

For the new bridge structure, in addition to sidewalk and pavement restoration, curb ramps and storm drains, Flatiron will also install new lighting both above and below the bridge to improve nighttime travel along the waterfront. 


The new bridge will be wider and well-lit, providing better pedestrian access to the ferries at Colman Dock. (Photo courtesy: The City of Seattle)


After receiving Notice to Proceed in July 2022, Flatiron started bridge foundation work by building the columns for the main-span bridge and the approach bridges. 



As the two V-shaped and three Y-shaped columns are taking shape, the crew has also started falsework construction that will be followed by soffit and stem pour to form the bridge structure later this year. 


Check out this timelapse work happening around the clock: 

The new bridge will meet the existing bridge at Western Ave., span over the recently completed Alaskan Way roadway, and into the second level of the Colman Dock Entry Building that is also under construction.



This bid-build project is expected to conclude late 2023. 

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