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Flatiron’s Route 20 Timbuctoo Project Awarded “Conventional State Highway Project of The Year” by California Transportation Foundation (CTF)

Dan Erskine (Northwest Area Manager) and Samantha Alvarez (Project Engineer) receiving the award on behalf of Flatiron at the 2022 CTF Transportation Awards Gala. (Photo Courtesy: CTF)

Each year, California Transportation Foundation (CTF) honors the best and brightest in transportation across 18 different categories. This year at the 33rd Annual Transportation Awards Gala, Flatiron was honored to be recognized for its work at the Route 20 Timbuctoo Roadway Improvement and Bridge Project, which won the “Conventional State Highway Project of the Year” award.

Started in February 2020 and concluded in September 2021, Flatiron completed the Route 20 Timbuctoo Roadway Improvement and Bridge Project more than 30 days ahead of schedule. Owned by Caltrans, this $34 million project was located a half mile east of the Yuba River in eastern Yuba County, California.

The project included highway upgrading and widening, which brought the roadway up to current 55-mph highway design standards. The project also included the construction of the Clear Creek Bridge, an 800-foot cast-in-place box girder bridge that was built on 60-foot-tall falsework.

Watch the video below to see the infrastructure that we transformed during this project:



Read more about the Route 20 Timbuctoo Roadway Improvement and Bridge Project:

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