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Flatiron’s Glenmore Dam Project Wins Three Awards of Excellence from American Concrete Institute and Consulting Engineers of Alberta

Glenmore project team receiving Award of Excellence in Concrete at the ACI award ceremony. (Photo courtesy: ACI Alberta Chapter)

It’s the harvesting season for the Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvement Project. Announced by American Concrete Institute (ACI) Alberta Chapter, the project has won the 2022 Award of Excellence in Concrete for the category of Restoration.

Additionally, Alberta Innovators, the magazine of Consulting Engineers of Alberta, recently announced the 2022 Showcase Awards winners in their Spring issue. Valued at $82 million (CAD) and contracted by Flatiron, the Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvement Project received two Awards of Excellence in both “Community Development” and “Water Resources” categories.

Started in 2017 and completed in 2020, the Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvement Project involved rehabilitation work of the dam and replacement of the bridge deck. The dam upgrade project was located in Calgary, Alberta, funded by Government of Alberta and the City of Calgary with $7.6 million from the Alberta Community Resilience Program – a provincial grant program supporting development of long-term resilience to flood and drought.

The project added extra storage capacity to the City’s drinking water supply and reduced the flood risk downstream, which also enhanced public recreation with an improved bridge deck that forms part of the 27-km trial system around the Glenmore Reservoir and Elbow River.

“Overcoming the absence of record drawing is very challenging,” commented by the Alberta Innovators Showcase Award judges. “The Engineers’ use of modeling is state of the art in tackling this obstacle.”

Consulting Engineers of Alberta has been the business voice of the Alberta consulting engineering industry since 1978. Learn more about the 2022 award winners here.

For more information about the ACI 2022 Excellence in Concrete Awards, please click here.


Glenmore Dam, Alberta Canada
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