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Recognizing the Impact of Veterans at Flatiron: Leveraging Transferable Skills for Success

Paul Dyer pictured on the left and Justin Barnes on the right.
National Hire a Vet Day

At Flatiron, our military veterans bring legacy skills and qualities to each project. From leadership and discipline to adaptability and problem-solving, veterans possess a wealth of transferable skills that continuously inspire us and drive innovation.

Meet Paul Dyer, a Buyer on our Procurement team in Colorado and Justin Barnes, a Field Engineer on our I-95 Lumberton, North Carolina, project.

What rank and service?

Paul: My military occupational specialty was 19K which is an M1 Armor Crewman. I left the Army as an E7 or Sergeant First Class.

Justin: I was a Joint Terminal Attack Controller in the U.S. Marine Corps.

How has your military experience shaped your approach to your current role?

Paul: Being a Procurement Buyer here at Flatiron is very similar to the Army where you must adapt and be flexible, but at the same time, be firm on the direction to obtain the goal.

Justin: As a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, I received and interpreted a large amount of information from many sources concurrently. The experience I gained now helps me identify action items quickly from a conversation, understand the intent and prioritize.

What advice would you give veterans coming out of the military who are looking for a job?

Paul: Be yourself and never waiver from that. There’s no need to embellish your military experience as that part of you will come out as needed.

Justin: Regardless of your age, invest the time and effort in a degree that interests you. For me, a career in civil engineering allowed me to continue to serve my country by improving the aging infrastructure.

Thank you to all our military veteran employees for their service and for the incredible impact they make at Flatiron.

We are committed to creating a workplace culture that values diversity, inclusivity and the unique experiences of veterans.

Learn about opportunities to join our growing team on our careers page.

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