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Flatiron’s Construction Engineering Group: Meet Marc Hartman

Marc is a seasoned Professional Engineer with a Master in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton. He plans, develops, organizes and supervises the design efforts for all projects in Southern California. His expertise encompasses directing design teams, coordinating construction activities as well as ensuring safety and quality in temporary works. Marc’s strategic approach integrates design and construction teams, delivers cost-effective engineering solutions that enhance efficiency, reduces risks and minimize public impact. 

Currently, he supports projects in the Southwest region including the I-5 Oso Parkway, T1 at San Diego International Airport, Morena Pump Station and the Fenton Parkway Bridge project in San Diego 

The Construction Engineering Group at Flatiron focuses on the “how” when it comes to building the project. This team has extensive experience in designing and constructing various temporary works, including:  

  • Solutions for construction sequencing  
  • Structural modeling 
  • Critical lift planning 
  • Falsework and formwork design  
  • Thermal analysis for mass concrete  
  • Safety systems engineering 

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