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“Coming Home”: Flatiron Team Members Speak at Their Alma Mater

Flatiron regularly holds career events for college students. 

“Standing in the front of the classroom that I remember sitting in six years ago as an undergrad and conversing with current students was a wonderful experience.”    

Our Fritz Hilbink gets excited talking about the experience of “coming home” to speak at his alma mater, the Colorado School of Mines.    

He and fellow engineer Caitlin DeAngelis (also a CSM graduate) spoke to students interested in heavy civil construction at the university west of Denver.   

Helping Students Navigate the Future 

DeAngelis agreed this was a unique opportunity to represent Flatiron as an alumna. “I love interacting with students. Having been in their shoes before, I know how it feels to be looking toward graduation,” she said. “My goal is to help make the world feel friendlier and approachable.”  

The pair talked to attendees about several Flatiron projects in Colorado, including our Denver International Airport concourse expansion work, where Flatiron is helping the airport meet the challenge of explosive growth.  

During her time as a student, DeAngelis was captain of the women’s soccer team. Delivering equity for women in construction is a vital cause for her, and she was glad to see several females in the audience. “It’s crucial to boost diversity in heavy civil engineering,” she said. “It brings fresh perspectives, fosters innovation and ensures that our projects meet the needs of the communities we serve.”   

The next time Flatiron holds a gathering at the Colorado School of Mines, both alums say they would be happy to return.   

Hilbink said, “I’m always excited for the opportunity to return home and educate the next generation of engineers, telling them about Flatiron and our industry as a whole.”  

Enjoy these images of both of them at the event and back when they attended the Colorado School of Mines. That’s Caitlin with her teammates in her playing days, and Fritz with his father when he was a student. 

Image courtesy: Mines Athletics.

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