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Professional Engineers at Flatiron Shaping Tomorrow’s World

From designing robust infrastructure to solving complex challenges, engineers play a vital role in creating a sustainable future.  

A pivotal step in one’s engineering career is to obtain a Professional Engineer (PE) license. A PE license is the engineering profession’s highest standard of competence and the journey to obtain one takes time and dedication. Even after one has obtained the license, there’s still a commitment to continued education to maintain the status.    

In honor of Engineers Week, we’re proud to recognize two members of Flatiron’s engineering team, Luke Grischow and Kasper Kerkhof, who recently achieved this impressive milestone. 

Flatiron Engineer

Luke Grischow, Construction Engineer

Luke Grischow has been in the engineering field for a little more than five years but felt he couldn’t truly call himself an engineer until he obtained the license. He said he can now “wear the title of engineer proudly with a license to back up the claim.” It was overall a relieving and gratifying experience. 

He shared that as a part-time graduate student over the last few years, Flatiron’s tuition reimbursement program assisted him greatly in supporting his educational growth. 

“Engineering is a math and science-based industry and you need to stay current with the latest and greatest discoveries and methods of thinking.” 

Along with Flatiron’s encouragement to attend industry events, Luke shared he’s been able to learn more about the latest discoveries and methods in the field. 

What is Luke’s advice for those starting their engineering career?   

It’s important that you enjoy what you do! 

The beginning stages (first 4 years) in the engineering field are a very confusing time for everyone. This is when we get exposed to many different topics, career paths, and roles within the company that you never knew existed. For example, some engineers prefer to plan construction operations, some prefer to do calculations, some prefer to be in the field with the crews, some prefer to be more on the business side gaining clients, some prefer to manage, etc. You may find yourself initially in a role that you don’t really enjoy, but get exposed to another role that is much more appealing to you. My advice would be to pursue that other role immediately and aggressively, don’t wait. We have all been there and your managers will certainly understand. 

Flatiron engineer

Kasper Kerkhof, Construction Engineer

For Kasper Kerkhof, receiving his PE license was a great feeling and an important career step. He’s been in the engineering field for 10 years and knew that this license was necessary to progress to senior engineering roles.

Kasper shared that Flatiron’s support of employees’ education and professional growth has been crucial for strengthening his relationship with the company.

What would Kasper share with those starting their career in engineering?

Join the Flatiron Construction Engineering Group. Construction Engineering is exciting, and you will be challenged with a wide variety of engineering subjects.

Congratulations Luke and Kasper on these well-earned achievements! Your dedication and perseverance inspire us all. As we celebrate Engineers Week, we’re reaffirming our commitment to empowering engineers and shaping a brighter future together.

We deeply value the expertise of PEs on our team and are proud to support all of our employees in their educational growth and career development. Learn more about Flatiron’s tuition reimbursement program and the many other benefits of joining our team: Best-In-Class Benefits

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