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Mick Wilson Celebrates 40 Years with Flatiron

Just about anyone who’s worked alongside Mick Wilson has plenty of great stories and high praise for the man. Colleagues describe him as legendary, salty, impactful and “technically-evolving.” But the word that everyone says is “friend.”

Born and raised about 20 miles north of Boulder, Colorado, he started building houses after high school for around $3 an hour. Flatiron employees who knew Mick from their hometown recommended him to Flatiron. He gladly took the job, which doubled his wages to a staggering $7 an hour. 

He worked around Colorado for several years, then moved to Southern California to build four or five bridges in Inland Empire while becoming a construction superintendent. From there, he worked all over North America: Minnesota, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado, California, New Mexico, British Columbia, Alberta and the Northern Territories. 

“I’ve been to some good places and some bad places. But you meet different people and you end up having friends in all different places,” he says about living in so many places.

Mick says he’s proud of every job he’s been on, but one stands out to him. Mick worked on the Interstate 35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, following the tragic collapse of the structure in August 2007. It was a high-profile emergency job which completed three months ahead of schedule. 

Mick has a straight-shooting response when asked why he stayed with Flatiron for four decades. “Flatiron has always kept me busy. In construction, if you’re willing to move — and I am — the work is there. No single job is the same. Each one is different, and the different people are anything but boring.”

He’s also an award-winning amateur winemaker in his spare time who focuses on Zinfandels and Cabernets. The hobby began years ago when he worked near California’s wine country. He started wine tasting to fill his weekends, then made his own. Smiling, he says, “When you’re a winemaker, everyone always wants to help, and you make lots of friends.” 

Thank you, Mick Wilson, for your 40 years with Flatiron. We’re thrilled you’re here and proud to call you our friend. 

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