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Flatiron and Bridges to Prosperity: Partnership for Safe Access

Since bridges12010, Flatiron and other HOCHTIEF companies have partnered with the non-profit organization Bridges to Prosperity to create safe and consistent access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity for thousands of people in the developing world. The strategic partnership between the two organizations is a natural one–both headquartered in Colorado, Flatiron and B2P have joined our respective resources, experience, and skills to build 16 footbridge projects in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Rwanda, serving more than 38,000 people.

An early adopter of Bridges to Prosperity’s Industry Partner Program, and a Strategic Partner since 2012, Flatiron has played a significant role in B2P’s ability to serve a growing number of isolated communities each year. Investing more than resources, the hands-on participation of Flatiron employees in remote footbridge projects and the Technical Advisory Board have enabled B2P to improve programs across the board: from design to construction to onsite safety practices, Flatiron has been instrumental in B2P’s ability to affect positive change on a global scale.

Alumni from Bridges to Prosperity projects consistently cite their bridge-building experience as being a pivotal moment of personal and professional growth. Having the opportunity to bridges2participate in every aspect of the construction process, in partnership with community members who will ultimately benefit from the project, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Each challenge, from determining how to erect a tower without heavy machinery to keeping spirits high in the face of long days and hot weather, is a chance to test your limits and find greatness in yourself, and your team.

“The Jocote Arriba bridge project was an example of people from diverse backgrounds collaborating to come up with the best ideas. I personally learned so much from working with both Flatiron’s employees and B2Ps employees over the course of the project. I think Esteban, Ivan and Pedro would say the same (B2P Nicaragua Construction Managers). The accelerated final construction schedule and high quality of the final project was definitely achieved by our organizations successfully working together from the start, and collaborating and brainstorming throughout.”

“This trip has been a highlight of my life and I will always consider this bridge to be one of the most successful projects I have ever worked on. I am proud to have been a part of this team and I know for a fact that our company is proud of us for what we accomplished. Through Flatiron employees being directly involved in the construction of this project we not only reinforce our high standards on these subjects, but we are also teaching them to communities that have not seen it before.” 

bridges3Ultimately, this partnership is about leveraging our collective resources and expertise to build local capacity to construct and maintain footbridges in isolated communities, to ensure that residents are able to reach schools, health centers, jobs, and other essential services. Flooding events and seasonal rains can be devastating for families and rural communities, and through in-country construction and training programs, Flatiron and B2P are working together to create safe crossings for more people each year.

To learn more about Bridges to Prosperity and the Flatiron partnership, please visit

Guest post written by Abbie Noriega, Development Director, Bridges to Prosperity 

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