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A-East Ground Load Project Team Turns Over First Two Gates

Turner-Flatiron Joint Venture reaches another milestone on time. 

Sometimes the face of success is…many faces.   

The first two gates from the Denver International Airport A-East Ground Load project were officially handed over to our client.    

Teams from Flatiron, our sister company Turner Construction, and more than twenty subcontractors have worked tirelessly to deliver a product for the Denver community. 

“Great partnership has allowed the project team and the airport to overcome challenges, including the sometimes unpredictable Denver weather,” said Project Manager Zac Liskay. “And the result is another milestone reached on time.”   

The project will ultimately deliver 83,000 square feet of remodeled construction and 37,000 square feet of new space for Frontier Airlines and the airport.   

Substantial completion on the remaining 12 gates is anticipated later this year.    

Here’s to Gates A76 and A78!  

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