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Payroll Specialist Reflects on 27 Years at Flatiron

Flatiron recently said goodbye to a special member of its team when Senior Payroll Specialist Carmen Ruby retired after nearly three decades of service.  

Ruby plans to relax, volunteer and spend more time with family. “You can never get back time with family you missed,” she says.  

She responds quickly when asked what kept her with Flatiron for so many years. “The team,” she says. “We always support one another. We support learning new things, just stepping in wherever we’re needed and understand where everybody comes from.”  

Ruby says Flatiron has always been a place where learning new skills is welcome. She says the culture is one where she can mentor newer co-workers while learning more current ways to do things at the same time.  

Ruby will be dearly missed by her Payroll colleagues

Payroll & Accounts Payable Shared Services Director Denio, agrees that Flatiron is where you can continually learn new skills and want to make a long-term career at our company. “At Flatiron, you learn each other’s positions and get opportunities to try other roles,” Denio says. “This is a place where you don’t have to change jobs every two years. You can stay somewhere and create something that feels like family.”  

Ruby’s Flatiron experience has been so positive that a couple of years ago, she also got her nephew Lorenzo to join the Payroll team.   

Ruby says she is excited to begin a new chapter of her life, but at the same time, there are great things at Flatiron she will never forget: “Just being a team.”   

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