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Black History Month Spotlight: Flatiron Assistant Business Manager Teena Harris

“You don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve been.”

For Mid-Atlantic Division Assistant Business Manager Teena Harris, these are words to live by.

She says Black History Month is a time to think about the struggles of her ancestors, and reflect on her own journey. “I take the lessons that past generations have learned and apply those to my everyday life,” she says.

Teena believes there is strength in diversity. “We have all learned different lessons based on our own experience,” she says. “A diverse workforce also allows others to learn from those experiences.”

Similarly, Teena is also fond of saying, “it doesn’t matter where you start; it’s how hard you work you work on your journey.” These words were especially sweet after she received a prominent promotion over the summer. She started as an office manager but now serves as Assistant Business Manager for two of the largest jobs in her region.

This month, Flatiron is proud to celebrate Teena and all of our African-American employees, as well as the contributions of all Black people.

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