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Flatiron’s Construction Engineering Group

Engineering is not a single discipline; it takes many specialized skills to deliver our technically-complex projects. At Flatiron, our expertise is organized into three main groups:  

  • Construction Engineering 
  • Technical Services 
  • Design Management  

 The Construction Engineering Group focuses on the “how” when it comes to constructing the work. This team of specialized engineers has extensive experience in designing and constructing various temporary works, including:  

  • Solutions for construction sequencing  
  • Structural modeling 
  • Critical lift planning 
  • Falsework and formwork design  
  • Thermal analysis for mass concrete  
  • Safety systems engineering 

Collaborating closely with project superintendents, field engineers and project managers, the CEG strives to find the safest and most cost-effective solutions while also working directly with design teams to ensure seamless integration of construction methods with design plans. 

Meet Isabel Lillard, Construction Engineering Manager responsible for the engineering needs in the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia region. Her passion for math and physics led her to a career in Civil Engineering. Isabel played a pivotal role on our Hampton Roads Bridge & Tunnel project, Virginia’s largest highway construction project. She oversaw the construction engineering aspects including bridge erection, marine engineering, support for tunnel boring operations and crane trestle management.  

Currently, she is assisting with planning for the means and methods for Flatiron’s recent projects wins in her region, including Long Bridge-North Package & Franconia-Springfield Bypass Project, Susquehanna River Rail Bridge Replacement Program, Virginia Beach Flood Mitigation and assisting E.E. Cruz with technical work on the Battery Park project. 

Interested in joining CEG? Check out our current opportunities.  

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