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Flatiron Construction Launches Engineer Rotation Program

Photo of a Flatiron Engineer surveying a job siteIf you are an engineer with up to five years of experience, you are a part of Flatiron’s Engineer Rotation Program. The program provides you with a broad range of meaningful experiences and gained knowledge that will contribute to your career development at Flatiron. This program provides you with exposure to seven of our core business disciplines. Learning takes the form of on-the-job training from seasoned Flatiron professionals, internal courses developed to fit program needs and external offerings through organizations such as AGC. As part of the program, you will spend time in four mandatory disciplines:

  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Cost Control & Administration
  • Operations & Production
  • Estimating

Each discipline has multiple topics and skills that you will acquire during your exposure. Additionally, you should also rotate through some of the three elective disciplines:

  • Technical Design
  • Legal & Contracts
  •  Scheduling

One of the main goals of the program is to develop well-rounded, knowledgeable engineers through exposure to these core business disciplines. The experience also may help engineers identify specific areas they may want to pursue as a career path and will help managers make more informed operational and developmental staffing decisions.

“Many forms of this rotation program have been in place at Flatiron, but we wanted to develop a more formal process and guidelines for the program,” said Elie Homsi, executive vice president of engineering services. “This tracking process will provide flexibility to our managers to help balance both the development of our engineers and the needs of our business.”

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