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A “Beautiful” Thing: Work Wraps up on Sausalito Project

A Blue Angels flyover. Fleet Week. Not to mention overall gorgeous surroundings. These were some of the visual treats the Flatiron team enjoyed during their time in Sausalito, just outside San Francisco.

Work recently came to an end at the Treatment and Wet Weather Flow Upgrades Project No. 0055-006 (like many water projects, the name is a mouthful) for the Sausalito Marin City Sanitary District. The major upgrade project increases the plant’s capacity and reliability. And of course it will also protect the ecosystem of the famous San Francisco Bay.

But just because the scenery was amazing, doesn’t mean there weren’t challenges for Flatiron team on the bid-build job. There was only one 12-foot wide road leading into the project, making extra planning a must for supply deliveries.

Project Manager Ray Bluff said challenging logistics brought the team closer together. “Everyone understood the tight working conditions and site access limitations,” he says. “And as a result everyone looked out after one another.” 

Sausalito Marin City Sanitary had not done a major capital improvement project in over three decades.

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