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Flatiron in Nicaragua: Bridging the Gap

A Flatiron crew of 10 embarked on a journey with our Bridges to Prosperity program to erect a bridge in rural Nicaragua.

This year’s project marks one of the longest suspension bridges our volunteers have constructed with the program at 240 ft.

Celebrating the official opening of the La Patriota Bridge.

The team met with locals before work began—all were excited to help and jumped into each task without fear. Our crew was so impressed with the local community’s interest and assistance throughout their time in Nicaragua.

As one of our participants stated after the build, “This trip changed my life. It makes you realize how little you actually need to survive…It taught me to appreciate the small things. I also saw that no matter what background you come from, people who come together for a common goal can accomplish anything.”

This team’s enthusiasm never wavered, even under the extreme living and working conditions in the jungles of Nicaragua. It was hard work, but it was well worth the effort.

The communities served are largely subsistence farmers, and year-round access to the market will mean that they’re able to sell more crops and increase their income. Year-round access also means that farmers can cultivate more crops for profit rather than simply “getting by.”

The Flatiron crew relaxes after a horseback riding session in Nicaragua.

During the dry season, community members can wade across the river; however, the Muy Muy Viejo River floods for three months every year. This leaves locals with an impossible decision: be cut off from health clinics, schools, markets, and other farms or gamble with crossing the swelled river. The community has suffered terrible loss due to the unsafe crossing—having lost two children to flooding in the last year.

The addition of the suspension bridge not only provides these communities with a safe crossing point, it also provides them with the opportunity to better their lives.

Congrats to the Flatiron crew on a job well done!

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