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Spring 2024 Flatiron Dependent Scholarship Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the first recipients of the Flatiron Dependent Scholarship. We awarded eight scholarships to students attending a college or trade school in the Spring 2024 semester.  

Flatiron succeeds when individuals and teams make the most of their abilities, strengths, talents and opportunities. We believe this extends to the dependents of our employees. And we hope they, one day, join us at Flatiron. 

All applicants are dependents of full-time craft or professional employees who have worked for Flatiron Construction for a minimum of six months. Applicants submitted their most recent grades and a written essay centered around the impact of community.  

This year, Flatiron awarded three scholarships to dependents of craft employees and five scholarships to dependents of professional employees. Each student will receive $2,500 to be used for their education. As this program grows, we hope the number of applications grows as well.  

Flatiron is committed to supporting education through these scholarships, student loan forgiveness assistance, and our tuition reimbursement program.  

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