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Flatiron Wins First Place in AGC National Safety Competition

It’s one thing for a contractor to say they take safety seriously. It’s another thing for Flatiron to take home first place in the elite AGC National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA) competition. We officially won the accolade on March 30th in the Highway and Transportation Division, for contractors with over 800,000 work hours.

To underscore what an incredible accomplishment this is, only three finalists from across the country were invited to present for the award at the 2022 AGC Annual Convention outside Dallas. Vice President of Corporate Health & Safety Rob Lopez said Flatiron made a strong case to win during the 5-minute presentation and 10-minute Q & A from the judges. “I am proud of the result we obtained, but mostly I am proud of all the work we have done over the years to continue evolving our safety programs and culture,” Lopez said. He added that it wasn’t just Flatiron Safety Programs that led to first place. Most importantly, it was the participation of every member of Flatiron’s craft and labor work force, supervision, management and executive leadership.

Flatiron first won the AGC San Diego’s regional CSEA competition earlier this month, which put us in the running for the national competition. According to AGC San Diego Safety Director Vince Hundley: “Flatiron has consistently shown its program to be innovative, and backed by a commitment at all levels of the organization.”

While Lopez believes taking first place in the National CSEA awards is a huge deal, he says he reminds his staff to “keep their eyes on what lies ahead.”

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