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Sunset Street Bridge Grand Opening

Broomfield, Colorado (May 20, 2016) – A ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 19 marked the opening of the Sunset Street Bridge in Longmont, Colorado. Flatiron is the prime contractor for the project, which began in November 2015.

The ceremony celebrated the opening of the primary connector to residential neighborhoods and surrounding commercial businesses. Portions of Sunset Street and Sunset Street Bridge were destroyed by the September 2013 flood.

“The Sunset Bridge Replacement was a great success,” said Dan Martinson, project manager for Flatiron. “Not only did it restore a part of the critical infrastructure in Longmont, which was damaged during the floods of 2013, but it will greatly improve mobility and safety of the traveling public going forward.

“This was a project we can all be proud of and I cannot emphasize how great it feels to help rebuild the community after such devastation.”

The community showed great support for the opening of the bridge: At 4:30 p.m. many members of the community were lined up to drive across the new Sunset Street Bridge.

The project included replacement of the Sunset Street Bridge over the St. Vrain Creek, excavation, dewatering, and bridge demolition. Flatiron was also responsible for traffic control, erosion control, grading, and site restoration.

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