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Faces of Flatiron: Rob Richardson


Rob Richardson

Vice President and District Manager

Central Division (CO), Central Large Projects
Joined Flatiron in January 2009

What’s the best part about your job?

The people are by far the best aspect of my job. I get to work with a broad spectrum of people with different skills and backgrounds, from 18-year-old laborers to journeymen carpenters to professional designers. I enjoy seeing people achieve goals – mentoring young people and helping them bridge gaps as they advance in their careers.


Why were you interested in working for Flatiron?

I would say that as a company we try to balance the risk with the reward, surround our project managers with the support structure needed to be successful, and set expectations that are reasonable and attainable. I don’t think that there is another company that has this package.


What keeps you here after all these years?

I share the vision of a district business first, which drives our local success before we look more broadly to larger design-build and P3 projects. I am also impressed with the diversity of work we have especially in the Colorado market:  Bid-build, design-build, water, concrete paving, batch plants, and DEN Airport which is also a Turner JV. With these two things going for us we’re going to have the right people in the company to be successful with whatever the market does.


How has Flatiron helped your career develop?

My career has grown as Flatiron has grown, so the opportunities for my career to develop have been organic. I’ve been open geographically as Flatiron has had opportunities for me to relocate. But I wouldn’t have taken advantage of those opportunities without knowing I had the support of my managers, my colleagues and the talented people to build the projects I’ve worked on.

What are 3 words that best describe working at Flatiron?





What is your proudest moment at Flatiron?

There are so many moments but opening the Northeast Anthony Henday Drive project on time remains at the top. It took the talent and commitment of so many people and I think that we struck a good balance of communication and execution. That’s why we were successful. 


What has been your favorite project at Flatiron?

I’m going to twist the definition of Flatiron “project” and say that my assignment at EE Cruz has been my favorite so far. New York is an intimidating place but ironically welcoming. The people at EE Cruz treated me as family and I had a great experience. 


From your perspective, what differentiates Flatiron from our competitors?

Flatiron’s successful district business model puts its future in the belief that people are its greatest asset, and it maintains a strong commitment to its core values. A strong district business develops people from the bottom up so that the company has a good foundation to stand on.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I have five kids, so I spend a lot of time attending their sporting events, playing catch and shooting hoops in the driveway with them. I also have a motorcycle which I enjoy riding. In summer in here in Colorado I can get back to camping and backpacking.


Any additional comments about Flatiron that you would like to include?

Flatiron gives you the opportunity to go as far as you want to go. Managers show a confidence level in their employees and trust them to make the right decisions. If you are willing to work hard, they give you opportunities to advance.

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