Fraud Alert

Notice to all potential job candidates

We have become aware of individuals who have been creating fake job postings and sending out fraudulent employment offers attempting to defraud would-be job candidates and to gain private information from you.  Such employment offers appear to be from well-known companies, such as Flatiron Construction.

Please note that Flatiron does not make employment offers prior to the completion of a thorough hiring process, including a face-to-face interview. Additionally, any emails sent on behalf of Flatiron will come from email addresses ending in recent scams utilized an email address of

Checks and Payment Instructions

We do not request any type of payment or bank information from the candidate nor do we typically provide payment/checks to anyone as part of the “recruitment” process.  Please exercise caution should you receive such requests and/or suspicious or unexplained checks that appear to be coming from Flatiron.  Should you receive a check, before trying to deposit it into your bank account, confirm its authenticity. 

If you have received one these offers or believe you have been the victim of fraudulent activity via the internet, we would appreciate you filing a complaint with the following United States Government site.

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