Project Details

Primary contractor
DC Water and Sewer Authority
$53.4 million
January 2015
Start Date
April 2017
Completion Date

Replacing Poplar Point Pumping Station

The Poplar Point (Division Z) project is one piece of the ongoing DC CSO (Clean Rivers) Project. Work includes construction of a new sewage pumping station to replace the existing Poplar Point station that was constructed in the early 1900s, as well as construction of a microtunnel diversion sewer, sewer overflow chamber, main outfall sewer diversion chamber, force main discharge connection chamber and a new microtunnel gravity sewer to serve the adjacent community.

Key project elements include:

  • Installation of 229 H-Piles to support future pump station
  • Installation 194 auger cast piles for support of diversion chambers
  • Installation of 800 linear feet of Microtunneling work of 72 inch and 42 inch diameter sewers
  • Installation of 1000 vertical linear feet of jet grout columns
  • Placement of 9,500 cubic yards of reinforced concrete
  • Installation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC system for the future pump station
  • Installation of a green roof
  • Installation of structural steel for skeleton of the pump station
  • Perform temporary by-passing of existing sewer for new construction
  • Installation of support of excavation system and structural excavation
  • Installation of architectural precast panels

Construction of a new sewage pumping station

Construction of main outfall sewers diversion chamber and elements of an exaction system