Project Details

Prime contractor
Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York City Transportation Authority
$45.7 million
January 2015
Start Date
October 2017
Completion Date

Building Seven Stations on the New Lots Line

This project calls for the renewal and component repairs of seven stations along the New Lots Subway Line (#3 Train). It is staged into four phases, allowing two stations to be taken out of service for five months. Once the train bypass period begins, the stations must be secured from the public and a barricade erected to separate the work from the tracks. Most of the work on the stations is performed during regular working hours while general orders are allotted for remaining work that must be accessed from the tracks. This work includes the removal and installation of the rubbing board on the platform edge, precast panel and cast-in-place replacement or repairs, and structural steel repairs. Once platforms panels are set and cast-in-place sections poured, renewal of architectural elements can begin.

All structural steel is scraped and painted and the platforms receive new windscreens and metal railing. On the mezzanine level, the concrete floor topping is replaced and mezzanine steel repairs performed from the street. Similar to the platform level, the mezzanine will receive a new fa├žade, windows and doors.

Key project elements include repair and replacement of structural steel, replacement of precast panels, replacement of cast-in-place slabs, replacement of mezzanine concrete slab, concrete crack and spall repairs, replacement of platform rubbing board, replacement of railings, installation of detectable warning strip, installation of photoluminescent markings and signage, replacement of mezzanine concrete floor topping, replacement of doors and windows, replacement of station drainage, installation of track lubrication system, bird deterrent system and painting.

Repair and renewal of seven subway stations

Replacement of structural steel, precast panels and cast-in-place slabs