Project Details

JV Partner
Alberta Transportation
$148 million
October 2017
Start Date
October 2020
Completion Date

Peace River Bridge Project

Transportation officials in Alberta needed to boost capacity on the Peace River Bridge, a structure that sees more than 17,000 vehicles a day in the northern part of the province. Of special concern to emergency workers: the community hospital is on one side of the bridge, with schools, fire, and police on the other.

Another frustration for drivers and local government alike, in the event the existing bridge was unavailable to cross, the nearest alternate crossing was 45 miles away.

Enter Flatiron, which is constructing a new bridge structure for westbound traffic to function alongside the existing one, which will now handle eastbound travel. In all the project team is twinning about a mile of roadway to increase vehicle capacity.

98 street upgrades are also part of the project, with two roadway interchanges being improved as well. Pedestrians will also have use of a walkway under the new bridge as well.

Besides improved traffic flow and better safety, the added bridge capacity will bring new economic opportunities for the region.
Existing bridge sees more than 17,000 vehicles per day, the new bridge will reduce overall traffic congestion and allow easier access for first responders during an emergency situation.
The increased roadway capacity brought by the new bridge will provide new economic opportunities for the Peace River region of Alberta.