Project Details

Primary contractor
West Virginia Department of Transportation
$131 million
April 2018
Start Date
March 2021
Completion Date

Building Wellsburg Bridge

Wellsburg Bridge is a significant project for Flatiron and the state of West Virginia. Awarded in 2016, the $131 million Wellsburg Bridge is Flatiron’s first project in the state and West Virginia’s first alternative delivery project.

Separated by the Ohio River, the towns of Brilliant, Ohio and Wellsburg, West Virginia are connected by antiquated spans that have exceeded their design life, with one bridge recently demolished because of the inability to modernize it. In addition, because of traffic volume projections and the need for a safe and reliable span for commerce and emergency responders, the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) sought proposals to build a new bridge that would meet these requirements, as well as providing upgraded infrastructure to retain existing businesses and to encourage regional business growth.

Flatiron submitted qualifications in March 2016 and WVDOT awarded Flatiron the contract later that year after submitting the lowest of three bids. Flatiron also provided a unique alternative delivery method that reduced the estimated build by a year, with the project scheduled for completion in March 2021, originally estimated to be Spring 2022. Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2018.

As part of our alternative delivery method, Flatiron proposed building a tied-arch bridge that will be constructed offsite and delivered by barge to the project site for installation — a method that will accelerate project timetables. Flatiron is working with project partners, including RS&H, TRC Engineers, and COWI North America, to develop the final design for WVDOT approval.

When completed, the bridge will connect Route 2 in West Virginia, near Wellsburg, to Route 7 in Brilliant, Ohio, providing a key and reliable artery for northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio communities. Project financing was made possible through a public-private partnership (PPP), involving Flatiron, WVDOT, the Ohio Department of Transportation, as well as federal highway funds.

West Virginia’s first alternative delivery project and Flatiron’s first project in the state

Significantly reduced project timetable estimates by one year through recommended design-build approach

Construct tied-arch bridge offsite and transport it by barge to the project site for installation

Bridge will span the Ohio River and serve as the primary connection between the communities of Wellsburg, West Virginia and Brilliant, Ohio