Project Details

Primary contractor
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
CA $203.9 million
September 2015
Start Date
August 2019
Completion Date

Building Winnipeg Interchange

Flatiron is responsible for the design and construction of an interchange at Provincial Trunk Highways (PTH) 59 and 101 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The project, for owner Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, replaces an existing signaled interchange with a loop ramp interchange.

Work includes seven precast girder bridges (ranging from approximately 40 to 100 meters in length), and one cast-in-place box culvert through pass, for a total of eight structures. The project also includes construction of 1.5 million cubic meters of interchange embankment, demolition of one existing bridge and roadway updates.

The interchange is a main route for both daily commuters and commercial traffic. The surrounding communities are growing with additional residential developments expected in the near future. The project is designed to alleviate congestion in the short-term, as well as easily accommodate future infrastructure expansion for additional traffic demands. The upgrades will also improve safety at the interchange.

Replaces signaled interchange with loop ramp interchange

Seven precast girder bridges ranging from approximately 40 to 100 meters in length

1.5 million cubic meters of interchange embankment

Roadway updates