Project Details

Lead JV Partner
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
July 2008
Start Date
August 2011
Completion Date

Building the World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center

This World Trade Center contract (WTC-724.078-VSC) included the installation of perimeter foundation and excavation work associated with the Vehicle Security Center and Parking Garage for the WTC Memorial and Museum.

E.E. Cruz/Nicholson, JV was responsible for the construction of 53,000 square feet of perimeter slurry walls and subsequent buttress wall bracing, the installation of 190 tiebacks, and the installation of a steel raker system during the excavation of approximately 75,000 cubic yards of soil from the site.

Other work included:

  • Demolition of sections of existing WTC slurry wall
  • Demolition of existing pedestrian bridge
  • Temporary support of existing WTC slurry wall with the installation of steel rakers and heel blocks
  • Installation of 24 IN diameter caissons with average depths of 75 FT
  • Installation of reinforced steel cages for slurry wall panels
  • Site dewatering
  • Construction of a truss/raker buttress system which eliminated the need for tiebacks

Throughout construction, the joint venture was responsible for the installation and maintenance of instrumentation which monitored potential settlement in nearby historic structures and the newly installed slurry walls.  All work was performed in the vicinity of the 9A highway, the WTC complex, and the 90 West historical structure.

Construction of 53,000 SF of slurry wall panels with average depths of 60 feet

Excavation and disposal of 75,000 CY of soil

Installation of 190 tiebacks with up to 27 strands each

Monitoring of foundation walls (new and existing) and adjacent buildings and foundations