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Flatiron is more than a construction company. It’s an organization of some 3,500 people with diverse backgrounds and varied expertise who share a singular focus on enhancing the well-being of people and communities.

The company brings together industry-leading engineers, highly skilled craft workers and other professionals to deliver innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges across the U.S. and Canada. Teaming with partners, subcontractors, specialty contractors and material suppliers, Flatiron builds highways, bridges, airports, rail transit, dams, water facilities and underground projects that fuel local economies, improve safety and enhance efficiency.

The U.S. 50 Multimodal Corridor Enhancement and Rehabilitation project is a great example. Construction crews will add seven miles of new carpool lanes in each direction to complete the U.S. 50 carpool system from the eastern foothill communities into downtown Sacramento. In addition to widening 12 bridges and adding three miles of retaining walls, crews will replace all lanes with new, durable 100-year concrete pavements and asphalts. The project also includes adding a sound wall on the south side of the highway in the Elmhurst neighborhood, between Stockton Boulevard and 65th Street.

To improve clearance for truck traffic, the highway will be lowered at seven overpasses. Further, the project includes rehabilitation of three pumping plants that move groundwater away from the highway as well as upgrading all signs, ramp metering and intelligent transportation systems.

This is a Design-Build project where Flatiron is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of the entire project. As the project begins, Flatiron is working closely with Caltrans to identify major scope elements and finalize contract language necessary to establish a foundation for success. The complexities of a Design-Build require a highly collaborative effort across a diverse team of experts.

For this project, Flatiron engineers are working with our design partners WSP and Aztec to deliver to Caltrans dependable infrastructure that will meet local needs. We are inviting subcontractors, specialty contractors, skilled craft workers and material suppliers to be part of this effort. And we’ll maximize opportunities for California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) to participate on this innovative project by committing to a DBE goal of 16%.

It’s a team effort to meet challenging criteria—safely—as we turn vision into reality. We welcome those interested to join our team!

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