Project Details

JV Partner
Denver International Airport
$940 million
May 2018
Start Date
November 2022
Completion Date

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DEN), which saw nearly 65 million travelers in 2018, is putting in 39 new gates across its concourses, to increase airline capacity by 30 percent.

Flatiron, alongside partner and sister company Turner, is working on expansion at Concourse A-West and Concourse B-West, where 16 of those new gates will be located. In total this joint venture will build or renovate an impressive 620,000 gross square feet of facility.

Concourse A-West will offer five levels including a full-length basement, apron, concourse, mezzanine (including a sterile corridor for incoming passengers to the five new international gates), and a mechanical level. The Concourse B-West project features three levels including the apron, concourse, and mechanical levels.  Both concourses add extensive upgrades to the de-icing facilities as well as in-ground jet fuel pits.

The concourse expansions will provide views of Colorado’s famed mountains from new exterior west facing terraces.

With this large facilities expansion, DEN hopes to bring in new domestic and international carriers to Colorado’s Front Range region.

Extension and improvements to existing utility infrastructure include underground jet fueling distribution system (pits and a vault), new airplane de-icing facilities, as well as the improvement of existing facilities.

LEED Gold v4.0, with a rooftop solar array

Areas for travelers to relax outside